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Quality is an essential part of all work assignments for Calvert Systems Engineering (CSE). Our quality assurance objectives are designed to provide high quality control and low risk to the Government. The structure of the CSE team is specifically selected due to their demonstrated ability to provide outstanding support within and across NAVSEA and the Virtual SYSCOM. Each teammate provides input on past performance in Table A that exemplifies the depth of experience and breadth of expertise that the team exemplifies. The mix of small and large businesses provides a reservoir of qualities that are leveraged depending on the requirements of each task order. Innovative technologies and specialized areas of expertise that often emerge from small businesses are leveraged along-side the mature technical solutions and processes that ensure quality and reliability across the enterprise. With a focus on cost-value superiority, each teammate has developed and executes a cost savings approach. Small businesses can typically offer better labor rates due to their lower overhead costs. Large businesses can make up lower labor costs on sheer volume of business across the organization.

Quality is monitored to ensure customer satisfaction as well as verifying an engineering process is being followed. Frequent communication with the customer ensures that any issue with quality is identified early and corrective measures are taken. We continually search for new ways to meet or exceed our customerís expectations. Quality assurance personnel verify engineering processes are followed, ensuring repeatability and consistency in producing quality products and services. Every person in our organization is given the knowledge and skills that he or she needs to do assigned tasks with an emphasis on quality. Measurement of flaws encountered during peer reviews, testing, and problem tracking, are used to identify areas for improvement to ensure that the highest level of quality is achieved. Once the individual is prepared to do assigned tasks with the highest quality, he or she is trusted and held accountable to do such tasks with minimum supervision.

A component of having a quality program is being responsive to the end customers. CSE management is committed to customer service from the beginning of a project to the successful completion. CSE senior management participates in all task order kickoff meetings and periodic project reviews to ensure each team is on track and to provide the customer with regular interaction, and not just a name and phone number. The customer is welcome to contact the senior manager anytime there is a concern that has not been addressed to his or her satisfaction. Communication is built into this engineering process to ensure that not only the team members share project related information on a regular basis, but that the customer is also informed of progress and possible risks early on. Regular telecons, weekly activity reports, and monthly status reports create a basis for identifying and mitigating risks prior to their having an impact on schedule or the budget. Communication must not only flow up and down the chain of customer-prime-subcontractor structure, but also across it. Subcontractors which are responsible for system components that must interface or have system-level dependencies, must ensure that the documentation is complete and accurate, and that thread testing across their designated areas of responsibility are compatible and comprehensive in scope.

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